The carrot-wielding, partial cross-dressing indie rockers that comprise the Nova Darlings will leave your job dropped open, your socks rocked off, and heart filled up. Gnashing their teeth and bearing their hearts on their sleeves, the edgy groove-sters are equal parts violent and tender. Think about them like those four kids you knew in middle school, but didn’t know know. The kids that sat alone on the bus with their iPods. Those kids started a band. Harkening back to the 90’s disaffected guitar sound of artists like Built to Spill and Elliott Smith, the Novas evoke strains of the eclectic. A sugared folk melody will find it’s way buried in a James Brown-esque, psych-rock drum beat. Drawing from early 2000’s bands like The Shins, The Strokes, and The Postal Service, the Darlings will bring you something that fits in your childhood bedroom or your parent’s garage, but will slam you with echoes from your mom’s record collection and catapult you sweetly into cosmic nothingness. The four best friends take the suburban sound, fuse it with a melancholic and spiritual absurdism that’s sure to get your feet bumbling to let the ya-ya’s out and a window open in your heart to let the air out. You can throw them on your Spotify playlist in between Pinegrove and Car Seat Headrest. All your friends will be like, “Who the fuck are these guys?” But, like, in a good way. They’ll slow dance with you in a supermarket. They’ll walk your dog for you. They might scrape up your knees, but they’ll also give you a band-aid and a funny story about their grandma or something.

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